From a full size Tiger tank to a ¼ scale radio control one; from a 20mm flak gun to an MP41, WTAC can build you a LPG gunfire simulator.

What is an LPG gunfire simulator?

This is a replica gun that looks like a real one that when you pull the trigger it sounds like it is firing live ammo but in fact it is incapable of firing anything. Mixing oxygen and propane in a chamber, it is ignited with a spark plug; it is in fact a basic internal combustion engine that has no silencer.

LPG guns have been used for years in film work and by re-enactors largely in vehicles or fixed positions so that large oxygen and propane cylinders can be used. This has restricted their usefulness for re-enactors and so I decided to develop a light portable system so that the guns could be used like live fire weapons.

The system uses small readily available disposable oxygen and propane cylinders that can be easily carried in an ammo can or a small webbing pack. I have built an MP41 sub machine gun using this system with the gas and battery in a bread bag. It is ideal for MG42s MG34 etc as a crew can do proper fire and manoeuvre, indeed a gunner can fire a MG42 from the hip. The units are cheap to run, which with the increased cost of blanks is fantastic news and of course you do not need a licence, as they are not guns and cannot fire anything.

I am happy to build one off projects so please feel free to contact me, John Webster, for details of prices and options available.
Please note that our sales have to comply with the VCR Act.

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